Bolton Knob

  • Concealed screws for a better decor and style
  • Lever opening in 45 degrees to make it easier to open adoor for the elderly and people with disability
  • Reversible for right or left handed doors
  • Easy installation only with a screwdriver
  • Adjustable latch from 2 3/8" (60mm) to 2 3/4" (70mm)


For 35mm to 45mm thick doors

SKU Description
0008972 Knob Bolton US32D Priv
0009009 Knob Bolton US32D Ent
0010673 Knob Bolton US11 Ent
0010674 Knob Bolton US11 Pri
0008954 Knob Bolton US3 Ent
0008955 Knob Bolton US3 Priv
0008956 Knob Bolton US5 Ent
0008957 Knob Bolton US5 Priv


For 25mm to 35mm thick doors

SKU Description
0010919 Knob Bolton US32D 25mm Priv
0010918 Knob Bolton US32D 25mm Ent