ZigBee Module

Módulo Zigbee
Módulo Zigbee


  • Network module for integration with ZigBee systems (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Increase user capacity to 250
  • Allows to manage the lock remotely
  • Lock and unlock the lock from the cell phone
  • Compatible with: Insteon, Smartthings, Wink and other ZigBee systems.


ZigBee Module for Yale Real Living Locks

  • Yale Real Living Deadbolt
  • Yale Real Living Lever
SKU Description
0010742 ZigBee Module YRL


ZigBee Module for YDF / YMF Digital Locks

  • Digital Lock YMF30
  • Digital Lock YMF40
  • Digital Deadbolt YDF40
  • Digital Deadbolt YDR41
SKU Description
0011350 ZigBee Module YDF/YMF


ZigBee Module for YRD Digital Locks

  • Digital Deadbolt YRD226
  • Digital Deadbolt YRL226
  • Digital Deadbolt YRD256
SKU Description
0011487 ZigBee Module YRD

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